Project Limits:

The proposed safety improvements for this project will take place between the intersections of Old Baltimore Pike and Salem Church Road in New Castle County. The project limits include Old Baltimore Pike between Pike Place and Aspen Drive and Salem Church Road between Joseph Drive and Old Baltimore Pike and Hanna Drive and Old Baltimore Pike.

Project Need:

This project was identified by the 2009 Hazard Elimination Program (HEP) due to high crash rates and serviceability concerns. A high percentage of crashes within the bounds of this project occur during left turn movements from east and westbound Old Baltimore Pike onto both the north and south legs of Salem Church Road. The HEP also identified long left turn queues on Old Baltimore Pike at both intersections with Salem Church Road.

Project Overview:

Proposed improvements at this intersection include adding an additional left turn lane on Old Baltimore Pike at both the east and west intersections with Salem Church Road. Subsequently, an additional receiving lane with be added onto both the north and south legs of Salem Church Road at its intersections with Old Baltimore Pike. In addition, pedestrian and bicycle facilities will be improved throughout the site and signing and striping will also be updated to comply with current standards.

Project Schedule:

This project is currently in design.
Anticipated Right-of-Way Acquisition – Begin Fall 2017
Anticipated Start of Construction – Summer 2018
Anticipated End of Construction – TBD

Public Workshop:

A public workshop was held for this project on November 4, 2013. Displays from this workshop are available here

(Reviewed and Updated on 02/24/2017)