Project Limits:

Delaware Ave within the City of Newark between South Main Street and Tyre Avenue

Project Need:

Delaware Avenue has been prioritized by the Newark Bicycle Plan as a desirable location for a separated bike facility. As part of the state's ongoing plan to improve bicycle infrastructure, the Delaware Department of Transportation has agreed that this location should be investigated as a candidate for the installation of a two-way separated bike facility.

Project Overview:

Planned improvements include installing a two-way separated bicycle facility along one side of Delaware Avenue that will accommodate both eastbound and westbound bicycle travel.

Feasibility Study Information

Current Project Schedule:

DelDOT currently has completed a feasibility study for a two-way separated bikeway and is now developing a detailed conceptual plan.

Anticipated Start Date:

To be determined

Scheduled meetings:

To be determined
A public workshop will be schedule once the conceptual plans are completed.