Project Limits:

The project extends from the area near Frawley Stadium across the Christina River to its east bank in the vicinity of the Market Street / Walnut Street split of Business US 13.

Project Need:

The project is needed in order to alleviate traffic congestion near Riverfront attractions

Brief Description or Project Overview

This project proposes a new multi-modal crossing of the Christina River in order to add another access point to Wilmington Riverfront attractions and to improve access to US 13, I-495 and I-95. The project includes the bridge approaches and connections to the existing street grid.

Anticipated/Actual Start Date

Late Fall 2016 / Early 2017

Anticipated/Actual Completion Date:

Early 2019

Current Construction Schedule:

Late Fall of 2016 to Early 2019

(Reviewed and Updated on 6/28/2017)