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SR1, Rehoboth Canal to North of Five Points

Project Limits:

Sidewalks on both sides of SR 1 in the beach area from the Rehoboth Canal bridge to just north of the Five Points (US 9) intersection.

Project Description:

This project will provide sidewalks along SR 1 from North of Five Points to the Rehoboth - Lewes Canal. It will fill in many gaps in the current sidewalk network to allow for a continuous pedestrian corridor. The project will also provide for pedestrian crossings of SR 1 at several locations along the corridor.

Project Justification:

The project was recommended by the SR 1 Pedestrian Study and will enhance pedestrian safety in the beach area through providing continuous sidewalks and marked, signalized pedestrian crossings as well as additional lighting improvements.

Public Workshops Information

Anticipated Construction Start Date:

Fall 2014

Construction Activities:

The Contractor will begin SR 1 drainage inlet adjustments between SR 24 and Shady/Marsh Road.

The Contractor will begin sidewalk reconstruction along SR 1A (Rehoboth Ave) from Grove Street to Canal Street within the City of Rehoboth Beach.

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Last Updated: Wednesday, 01-Oct-2014 09:47:58 Eastern Daylight Time
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