Project Limits:

The project is located on Christina Parkway (SR 4), from Elkton Road (SR 2) to South College Avenue (SR 896) in the City of Newark. The total project length is 1.3 miles.

Project Need:

The roadway foundation has degraded, creating the need to reconstruct the pavement. The roadway will be redesigned to provide two continuous eastbound lanes, eliminating the existing lane drop/add condition. As the former Chrysler plant site is redeveloped, the site's two entrances on SR 4 will require improvements. Multi-modal improvements will be made as well, including upgrades to the multi-use path along the south side of SR 4, and minor bus stop improvements.

Project Overview:

The primary purpose of the project is to reconstruct the pavement and redesign the roadway to continue two eastbound lanes eliminating the lane drop/add condition.

Current Project Schedule:

Design for this project has resumed. Preliminary Plan development is currently underway.

Anticipated/Actual Start Date:

To Be Determined

Anticipated/Actual Completion Date:

To Be Determined

(Reviewed and Updated on 02/24/2017