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Delaware Department of Transportation

Delaware Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Virtual Public Workshop

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About the Delaware Strategic Highway Safety Plan

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The Delaware Strategic Highway Safety Plan: Toward Zero Deaths (SHSP) is the guiding document for roadway safety policy setting, education and enforcement programming and safety infrastructure improvements. The current plan was adopted in December 2015 and is being updated throughout 2020 in compliance with the Federal Highway Administration's requirement that a state's SHSP be updated at least every five years. The Delaware SHSP Core Team agencies, comprised of the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), Delaware Office of Highway Safety (OHS) and Delaware State Police (DSP) have been coordinating to develop the Plan's goal and overall objective and determine the emphasis areas that will comprise Delaware's 2020 SHSP.

Virtual Public Workshop - Purpose and Goals

The Delaware SHSP Core Team agencies are presenting the 2020 Delaware SHSP goal and overall objectives and the proposed Emphasis Areas to key stakeholders and the public at large via this Virtual Public Workshop. The Core Team agencies hope to receive input regarding the information presented herein and obtain your suggestions and ideas for potential strategies that can be incorporated into the 2020 SHSP for reducing fatalities and serious injuries on Delaware's roadways.

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Additionally, the Core Team agencies are seeking volunteers to be considered for inclusion in upcoming Emphasis Area Teams that will be tasked with establishing specific strategies for each selected Emphasis Area. The feedback obtained from this Virtual Public Workshop and the strategies developed by the Emphasis Area Teams will be utilized to formulate Delaware's 2020 SHSP.

On behalf of the Delaware SHSP Core Team Agencies, we invite you to view the video presentation, review the information presented in the links below and provide your feedback via the survey form provided. The survey will be available for 30 days, starting on June 8, 2020.

Additional Information

Contact Information:
Scott Neidert, P.E., PTOE, RSP
HSIP Manager
Delaware Department of Transportation

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