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Delaware Department of Transportation

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General Information

DelDOT Office of Aeronautics

The Office of Aeronautics is located in the Division of Planning and is responsible for planning, coordination and implementation of improvements to the public use airport system within the state.  State law gives the office of Aeronautics jurisdiction over public-use airports only. Public-use airports may be privately or publically owned, but are open to use by anyone. Delaware also has many private-use airports which fall outside of the State's jurisdiction.

Flying PlaneThe 2008 Delaware State Aviation System Plan Update (SASPU) defines the overall goal of the DelDOT Office of Aeronautics as:

"To enhance Delaware's economic development by fostering and promoting a safe and efficient aviation system for the movement of goods, services, and people and to encourage and promote aviation and aviation safety."

In working toward this goal, DelDOT's Office of Aeronautics has set out the following objectives:

  • To facilitate the timely development of airports that will meet the air transportation needs and economic goals of the state;
  • To ensure that a system of airports is developed that provides a high degree of safety to the users and, while at the same time providing adequate levels of service and facilities throughout the state;
  • To maximize the economic benefits of the aviation system;
  • To minimize the airport system's environmental impact;
  • Participate in the process of determining the appropriate role for each Delaware airport and in the provision of a portion of the financial assistance for this development.
  • Make available to the flying public current and accurate information regarding Delaware's aviation system.

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