Project Limits:

Improvements are proposed along approximately one half mile section of SR273 between Appleby and Airport Roads. Improvements will also take place along the approaches to SR273 on both Appleby Road and Airport Road.

Project Need:

SR273 between Appleby Road and Airport Road intersections was identified as a high accident corridor through the Department's Hazard Elimination Program (HEP). Existing issues include capacity, safety and pedestrian/bicycle.

Project Overview:

The proposed improvements will address capacity, safety, and multi-modal needs at this location. The project will provide two left-turn lanes from SR 273 onto Airport Road. Subsequently, a second receiving lane will be added to northbound Airport Road. A third auxiliary lane will be added to westbound SR 273 from just west of Appleby road to Airport Road to allow continuous flow from the southbound Airport Road right-turn lane. The project will also provide improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities throughout the project area.

Project Schedule:

Anticipated Start of Construction: Spring 2018
Anticipated End of Construction: Spring 2020

(Reviewed and Updated on 08/22/2017)