Project Limits:

0.3 mile radius around the intersection of Baynard Boulevard (N206) and Shipley Road (N214).

Project Need

A Traffic Study was requested by Representative Heffernan and Senator Cloutier to analyze possible safety improvements at the intersection as a result of a pedestrian fatality crash at this location.

Project Overview:

Thank you for your participation in this Virtual Workshop. We received a substantial number of responses which were all read and considered. After reviewing the responses, DelDOT will be pursuing a full signal at the intersection that will operate with the red, yellow, and green displays. This will require the conversion of the existing signal to meet design standards. We hope to incorporate the new signal design into a future Pavement & Rehabilitation project planned for Shipley Rd. In reference to a number of requests for examination of the existing School Zone Signage on Shipley Road and Weldin Road, we have completed a signage compliance review and have issued work orders to have the school zone signage and pavement markings installed on Shipley Road and Weldin Road in the meantime.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed following the virtual workshop.

Construction Phase:

Construction in 2019

(Reviewed and Updated on 09/12/2018)