Project Limits:

Approximately 150 feet north and south of the current bridge.

Project Need:

Bridge 2-371A consists of three corrugated metal pipe arches. The existing pipe arches were showing significant signs of corrosion and sagging in the center span of all three pipes. Due to the diminished structural integrity, the metal pipe arches were in need of replacement. Consequently, a project to replace the existing structure was initialed and completed.

Project Overview:

The scope of this project was to remove the existing pipes and replace them "in kind." This type of replacement entailed replacing the existing structure with a nearly identical structure. This unique replacement was considered with the understanding that Barratts Chapel Road was under evaluation for upgrades in the future that may have effected the type, size and location of the current structure. Additional work included guardrail upgrades and slope and channel protection.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design completed Spring 2014

Construction Phase:

Construction completed Winter 2014