Project Limits:

Approximately 100 feet north and 100 feet south of the bridge

Project Need

This project consisted of three corrugated metal pipes that were severely corroded. These pipes were encased in a sack concrete riprap headwall. The project also included the three corrugated metal secondary drainage pipes and scour holes downstream of the bridge.

Project Overview:

The existing bridge was removed in it's entirety and was replaced with three 6'-0" diameter reinforced concrete pipes. The sack concrete riprap headwalls were completely removed. The secondary drainage pipes were replaced with 18" diameter reinforced concrete pipes. Channel work was performed 46 feet upstream and 74 feet downstream to fill scour holes and stabilize the channel and stream pipes.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work to be completed January 2014.

Construction Phase:

Construction work completed Summer 2014.

(Reviewed and Updated on 4/7/2016)