Virtual Workshop:

Milltown Road Bridge BR1-191)

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1. Introduction
Welcome to the Delaware Department of Transportation's virtual workshop. The goals of the virtual workshop format are to make it easier for more people to view the project information, and to reduce the costs involved in traditional public workshops. This is a workshop regarding the replacement of Bridge 1-191 on Milltown Road Over Mill Creek, North of Newark in New Castle County.

[Location Map]
2. Bridge 1-191 has been identified by DelDOT's bridge management system as being in need of rehabilitation.

Photos:  End Elevation | Upstream | Downstream
3. Bridge 1-191 is a steel girder bridge that has concrete abutments on concrete piles. There are concrete wingwalls retaining the soil on either side of the bridge that will not be replaced. The concrete parapets and steel handrails will be replaced with the deck. The stream channel is straight and fairly well stabilized with some minor scour.

Bridge Deck 1 | Bridge Deck 2 | Approach Slab 1 | Approach Slab 2 | Exposed Rebar
4. The desk of this bridge is in poor condition. The wearing surface is gone and there are cracks covering the top of the deck. The approach slabs are badly deteriorated and there is rebar exposed. These cracks in the deck will lead to deterioration of the rebar and could deteriorate the steel girders below. The guardrail that protects the sidewalk is not up to current design standards and will be replaced along with the deck.

Beam Corrosion | Bearing Pad
5. The beams below are starting to corrode, most likely due to water running down from the deck above. This will be corrected by repainting all of the existing beams. The bearing pads below will be replaced or cleaned and greased. the concrete pedestal that supports the bearing will be replaced if needed.

Bridge Plan Elevation | Bridge Section
6. As seen on the bridge plan, section and elevation sheet, DelDOT does not plan to replace the substructure. This is a rehab project and only the deck will be replaced. DelDOT proposes to remove the deck, parapets, curb, sidewalk, guardrail, and approach slabs and reconstruct them. The new deck will be updated to the current codes and regulations. A new barrier will be put in place to protect the pedestrians on the sidewalk, and a new handrail will be constructed on the outside of the edge of the bridge. The existing roadway geometry will not change. Th construction of the deck, which will require a full closure, will be constructed during the summer months so that traffic to and from Dickenson High School will not be disturbed.

[Detour Plan]
7. During construction, the road will have to be closed in order to perform the proposed work. As you can see, a temporary detour has been planned to accommodate the traveling public.

[Detour Map]
8. This map more clearly demonstrates the route that thru-traffic will take during the temporary road closure. Motorists will be given advance notice of this closure at Milltown Road, Kirkwood Highway, and Limestone Road. From the north, motorists will not be able to turn onto Milltown Road, unless they are going to turn onto Old Milltown Road/Old Limestone Road. Motorists wishing to cross bridge 1-191 will be directed to continue on limestone road to Kirkwood Highway, turn right onto Kirkwood Highway, and then right onto Milltown Road. Motorists from the south will be directed to stay on Kirkwood Highway, then left onto Limestone Road, then left onto Milltown Road, but only allowed up to old Milltown Road/Old Limestone Road. Milltown Road will remain open to local traffic up to the construction limits. Pedestrians will be directed to walk along Old Milltown Road in order to bypass the construction.

[Construction Plan]
9. Although DelDOT strives to perform as much of the work as possible within the department's existing right-of-way, sometimes the nature of the work requires a larger area than what is provided. As seen on the plan sheet, there is very minimal right of way impacts. There is little to no need to obtain permanent easements. Only temporary construction easements will be needed to complete the work on this project. These easements are needed in order to complete the work on the proposed sidewalk and stream maintenance. The flow of the stream will remain uninterrupted while the scour hole is filled in. The work under the bridge and the construction of the sidewalk can be done while traffic is still open. A real estate representative will be in contact with the affected owners to explain the department's real estate process.

 [Preliminary Plans]

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