Project Limits:

Approximately 200 feet east and west of the bridge

Project Need:

The bridge consists of two corrugated metal plate arch pipes with sacked concrete headwalls and steel beam guardrail on both sides of SR26. Both metal plate arch pipes have significant corrosion along the bottom flowline of each with significant loss of the pipe material. This structure been deemed to be structurally deficient by DelDOT's Bridge Management Section. Due to this, a project to replace this structure has been initiated.

Location Map

Project Overview:

The existing bridge shall be removed in its entirety and shall be replaced with a new bridge. The new bridge shall be a precast concrete box with precast concrete wingwalls. New roadway and guardrail with shoulder improvements shall be replaced to limits. Channel work shall be performed 25 feet upstream and downstream to stabilize the channel and stream slopes. Additionally, existing tax ditches on the northwest and northeast corners shall be relocated accordingly.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work was completed in Fall 2013.

Construction Phase:

Construction work was completed in Spring 2014.

Additional Comments:

This project has no utility conflicts and has an estimated 60 day construction schedule based on a full road closure and detour. Relocation of the existing tax ditch on the northeast and northwest corners is necessary due to existing shoulder improvements and new guardrail placement. Every effort has been made to minimize this impact based on established and required design safety criteria.