Project Limits:

Approximately 200 feet Northwest and Southeast of the bridge along Seashore Highway.

Project Need:

The bridge consisted of two 4 foot diameter corrugated metal pipes with a total length of approximately 100 feet. The pipes had experienced significant corrosion and joint separation. Due to diminishing structural integrity of the structure, the pipes had been deemed structurally deficient by DelDOT's Bridge Management Section. Therefore, a project to replace this structure was initiated.

Project Overview:

This project involved the entire removal of two existing corrugated metal pipes. They were replaced with two 5 foot diameter reinforced concrete pipes at approximately 104 feet in length. The approach roadways were reconstructed as needed, guardrail was reconstructed, and riprap was placed in the stream for scour protection. The pipe replacement was performed under a full road closure with a posted detour.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase:

Design work completed October 2014.

Construction Phase:

Construction work completed December 2015.

(Reviewed and Updated on 4/20/2016)