Project Limits:

The project is located at the intersection of Willow Grove Road (SR10) and Moose Lodge/Dundee Road (SR15), west of Camden in Kent County, DE. The limits of the project stretch approximately 400 feet north and south of the intersection on Moose Lodge/Dundee Road and approximately 600 feet west and 1000 feet east on Willow Grove Road.

Project Need:

The intersection of SR10 & SR15 has long been a safety concern. In 2002 it was identified as a safety problem through the Department's Hazard Elimination Program (HEP). In response signing and striping improvements were installed. Again in 2005, the HEP flagged the intersection for safety improvements. Roadway lighting was installed at this time and the installation of a roundabout was recommended. In 2011 the intersection was again sited for safety concerns under the HEP and the High Risk Rural Roads Program with a roundabout again being recommended. These safety concerns and the continual frequency and severity of crashes at this location make it clear that there is a serious need for a larger, more permanent improvement at this location.

Project Overview:

The Department held a Public Presentation on November 19, 2012 to present two alternatives to the public, One being a signalized intersection with left turn, through and right turn lanes on each approach, and the other being a roundabout. Information was presented to the attendees on both alternatives, a video was played regarding Roundabouts in Delaware followed by Q&A and open discussion. Based on reactions of attendees, written responses received both from the presentation and the project website, and industry research in regards to roundabouts and their effectiveness, the Department has decided to move forward with the roundabout alternative.

Project Schedule:

The project was awarded to Diamond Materials, LLC. Construction started June 5, 2017 after utility conflicts were resolved. The detours required to complete the work will wrap up in late summer, with the overall project being finished in early fall.

Construction Progress:

The Contractor completed their work on Dundee Road and reopened it on June 30, 2017. Moose Lodge Road has closed and work is underway. The entire intersection is anticipated to close in late August with a 14 day duration aimed at completing all major work in the intersection.

Public Feedback:

Additional comments regarding the project are welcome and can be sent to the DelDOT project manager using the comment form below.

(Reviewed and Updated on 06/30/2017)