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Bridge 2-052B Westville Road

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Welcome to the Delaware Department of Transportation's Virtual Workshop. The goals of the virtual workshop format are to make it easier for more people to view the project information, and to reduce the costs involved in the traditional public workshops. This is a workshop regarding the replacement of Bridge 2-052B on Westville Road over Almshouse Branch, West of Dover in Kent County.

[Location Map] Bridge 2-052B has been identified by DelDOT's Bridge Management section as being in need of replacement. The bridge is located on Westville Road over Almshouse Branch, West of Dover in Kent County.

Bridge 2-052B is a corrugated metal pipe. It has headwalls and wingwalls consisting of sacked riprap. The stream channel is straight and fairly well stabilized.

[Corrosion of Plate Pipe Surface] | [Deterioration of Plate Pipe] This bridge consists of a corrugated steel pipe and has been in place for approximately 45 years. Although most of the pipe has held up well, the area just near the south end of the pipe has advanced active corrosion which can be easily perforated with a pick hammer and there is pre-existing section loss near the middle of the pipe. This loss of metal and resulting holes will eventually lead to the inability of the pipe to carry the traffic load of Westville Road.

[Bridge Plan, Section and Elevation] As seen on the Bridge Plan, Section and Elevation sheet, DelDOT proposes to replace the existing metal pipe with a precast reinforced concrete culvert. The choice of precast (built off-site) over cast-in-place (built on-site) was due to the surrounding environmental factors and number of residents living close by the structure. The new bridge will be slightly shorter than the existing bridge, due to the flared wingwalls that are about 15 feet in length. The road geometry will not change. Additionally, riprap will be placed into the streambed and along the wingwalls to protect the proposed bridge from scour and erosion of the stream channel. This work should take approximately 30-90 days to complete and is scheduled to occur in 2017.

[Detour Plan] During construction, the road will have to be closed in order to perform the proposed work. As you can see, a temporary detour has been planned to accommodate the traveling public.

[Construction Plan] Although DelDOT strives to perform as much of the work as possible within the department's existing right-of-way, sometimes the nature of the work requires a larger area than what is provided. That is the case for this project. As can be seen on the plan sheet, easements will be required from adjacent property owners in order to complete the work. Right-of-way will be required for the placement and maintenance of the rip-rap in and around the stream. The rip-rap will be buried and covered with streambed material in the stream. Temporary construction easements will be needed beyond the right-of-way for the placement of sandbags to divert the stream flow so the in-stream work can be completed. These areas will be restored to their natural condition upon completion of the work.

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