Dover - Nathan Hayward III, Delaware's Secretary of Transportation announced the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement with Nick DiPasquale, Secretary of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), and John Wik, Director of Economic Development Office (DEDO), on November 13, 2001, detailing the required funding levels for the "Blue Ball Properties Master Plan".

"This commemorates the inauguration of the implementation phase of this landmark project," Secretary Hayward explained. "The Blue Ball Properties project is important to the State for many reasons: Long sought transportation improvements are being completed. Economic development needs are being met in conjunction with major recreation and historic preservation activities. This could not have happened without the partnership of the three agencies, as now formally recognized in this Agreement. All too often, groups associated with the transportation network and economic development needs seem to work in opposition to historic preservation and recreation groups. Hopefully, this model shall now be the normal way of doing business, not only within Delaware, but nationally.

"This represents the most ambitious and complex public-private venture ever undertaken in Delaware. We recognize that many compromises have been reached in the 2+ years of planning. But our overall mission, confirmed and in fact mandated by a three quarters vote of the General Assembly, with concurrence from Wilmington and New Castle County, is to get the public infrastructure improvements designed and constructed within a tight timeframe. The state has made a number of commitments to many parties - we are resolute in our desire to fulfill them."

The Memorandum of Agreement sets forth responsibility and funding level guidelines required for the design and construction of the projected five-year project including; parks and recreation, landscaping, lighting, stormwater management, economic development, transportation improvement, and historical preservation. The entire project has an estimated budget of $127,000,000.00.