Master Planning Process

In this section, you will find a detailed description of the organizational structure for the Blue Ball Master Planning Process.

Master Plan

Organizational Overview
A detailed description of the project organization.

A chronological history of the Master Planning Process that took place between August 1999 and March 2000.

Viewable PowerPoint presentations used in past workshops and meetings, organized by category and presentation date.

Questions & Answers
Answers to frequently asked questions.

Project News Archives
Compilation of project news clippings

Project Stakeholders
A contact list of all project stakeholders.

Meeting Minutes
Records from previous meetings.

Design / Implementation

Public Workshops
Information presented at Public Workshops.

Transportation Elements

Weldin Ruins Open House

Low Bid Announced for Route 202 Improvements from Augustine Cut-Off To Independence Mall

Update on West Park Construction

Blue Ball Barn Up for Green Certification

Meet the Artist

Bird Husband Exterior Renovations

Public Art

Public Art Opportunities

Apparent Low Bidder Announced for ST 141, US 202, West Side Improvements

Alopocas Community Assured Blasting Won't Be Disrupted

East Park Plan Update

Memorandum of Agreement

East Park Drive Realignment

Environmental Approval Granted

Final Environmental Assessment

Transit Plan

House of Representative Resolutions

Project Purpose and Needs Statement

History of Transportation Improvements