The transportation planning process requires the coordination of comments from many state and federal agencies. Of particular concern to the Delaware State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is the alignment of East Park Drive and the impact to the Weldin ruins. Several discussions were held, concentrating on reaching the best solutions for the benefit of the citizens of Delaware.

The result of these discussions is to recommend the realignment of the East Park Drive. The roadway will not encroach on the Weldin ruins. The road will now skirt the southern portion of the East Park, tying into the Weldin Road near the current intersection with Carruthers Lane as originally conceived. The two-lane park road will continue to be planned and designed with an underpass beneath Route 202 and with pedestrian and bicycle paths which complement the Northern Delaware Greenways system of trails. The objective is to consume the least amount of land in the East Park while maximizing use of the existing road network, and complementing proposed designs to the expansion of Rock Manor Golf Course, therefore reducing costs and despoiling as little of the landscape as possible. Further design refinements will improve the final results.