The State of Delaware will make the following transportation commitments on behalf of AstraZeneca:

  1. The roadway concept plan developed by the joint public process and approved by the Governor and the County Executive will be designed and constructed as proposed.
  2. Integrated Transportation Management System Improvements and Transit Improvements will be completed by the Department of Transportation by 2002.
  3. Construction shall begin in the year 2001 and be completed by the year 2007.
  4. All necessary real estate acquisition, federal, state and county permits, and utility relocations shall be completed in order to achieve the construction schedule.
  5. Periodic workshops will be held to present status reports on project design.
  6. The State will fund the entire project in the FY 2001 Bond and Capital Improvements Act. Federal funds may be used if the Project becomes eligible for Federal funds and the construction schedule will not be delayed.