Dover - The Department of Transportation announces that Mumford & Miller Concrete, Inc. is the apparent low bidder for the first contract for the Blue Ball Properties Project along the west side of US Route 202 intersecting SR 141. The Company was the lowest of four bidders offering a bid of $8,588,088.40.

The first major roadway project of the Blue Ball improvements is the Westside Improvements for SR 141, US 202. This project is the precursor to the rest of the transportation infrastructure improvements, and has been referred to by the project team, as the "Green Project," due to the many environmental features. In addition to the construction of a temporary six lane roadway which will carry US 202 traffic, the Westside Improvements project features the restoration of the Alapocas Run stream; the construction of the stormwater management facilities and major landscaping on the western side of present US 202.

Based upon the proper award process construction is scheduled to begin towards the end of July of this year, and will take approximately 281 calendar days to complete. All bids are subject to review before final approval.