Project Organization

The Project Organization diagram illustrates the working relationships between the consultant team (Master Planning Team), the client (the State of Delaware) and the Committees. The Committee Structure was introduced by Darrell Minott of the Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) at a meeting in Wilmington on July 29, 1999, and is designed to facilitate broad participation in the master planning process by elected officials, government agencies, citizens groups, near neighbors and other stakeholders. The roles of the committees and other key participants in the master planning process are outlined below.

Leadership Group

The leadership group has the ultimate responsibility and authority to make project decisions. It is composed of Governor Thomas R. Carper and New Castle County Executive Thomas P. Gordon.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, chaired by Darrell J. Minott, Secretary of the Delaware Economic Development Office, is charged with the responsibility of completing the Master Plan for the Blue Ball Properties. The Executive Committee will direct this effort with the advice and consultation of the Project Policy Committee, the Technical Committees and through the full-time Project Manager, who will report to the Executive Committee. The Committee is comprised of a small group of public officials from the lead state agencies (DEDO, DelDOT and DNREC) and New Castle County and a representative of AstraZeneca. The members are:

  • Darrell J. Minott, Chair (Delaware Economic Development Office)
  • William Rhodunda (New Castle County)
  • Anne P. Canby (Delaware Department of Transportation)
  • Nicholas A. Dipasquale (Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control)
  • John S. Riley (Delaware Economic Development Office)
  • Tony Felicia (AstraZeneca)

James P. Lisa, Jr., Senior Legal Analyst for DEDO, will be the Project Manager. He will serve as the day-to-day contact and liaison with all participants in the Master Planning process, including the Technical Committees, the Consultant Team, other government agencies and the AstraZeneca Planning Committee.

Project Policy Committee

The Project Policy Committee is comprised of state and local elected officials. The Committee will be responsible for establishing general policy directions for the development of the Master Plan and for advising and consulting with the Executive Committee and the Leadership Group. The Project Policy Committee will review, comment and make recommendations as needed in regard to the development of the Master Plan. Members of the Project Policy Committee are:

  • Senator Myrna L. Bair
  • Senator Patricia M. Blevins
  • Senator Harris B. McDowell, III
  • Senator Dallas Winslow
  • Senator Liane M. Sorenson
  • Representative Wayne A. Smith
  • Representative Roger P. Roy
  • Representative Joseph G. DiPinto
  • Representative David Ennis
  • Representative Robert Valihura
  • Representative Catherine Cloutier
  • Councilman Robert Weiner
  • Councilman Richard Abbott

Technical Groups

The Technical Committees are comprised of representatives from agencies, stakeholders and citizens groups with expertise and/or interest in a particular aspect or key component of the Master Plan. The Committees are charged with assisting the Leadership Group, Executive Committee and Master Planning Team to achieve the goals and schedule of the Master Plan by discussing issues, reviewing the work of the Master Planning Team and offering comments and suggestions. All meetings of the Technical Committees will be open to the public and will be attended by appropriate members of the consultant team. Members of the Executive and Project Policy Committees may participate in Technical Committee meetings. Three Technical Groups have been formed, as follows.

Transportation Committee

Chaired by Eugene E. Abbott of the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), this committee will be responsible for transportation and storm water management issues related to the development of the site and in the surrounding area.

Recreation and Historic Preservation Committee

Chaired by Mark Chura of the Planing Preservation and Development Section, Division of Parks and Recreation, Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), this committee will be responsible for planning related to conservation, development of active and passive recreation at the site and the future of the historic structures on the site.

Technical Coordination Group

Chaired by James P. Lisa, Jr. of the Delaware Department of Economic Developments (DEDO), this committee will be responsible for coordination of the technical work of the consultant team, the other Technical Committees and the AstraZeneca Planning Committee. Members of the Group are:

  • Jim Lisa, Chair (Delaware Economic Development Office)
  • Gene Abbott (Delaware Department of Transportation)
  • Joe Wutka (Delaware Department of Transportation)
  • Mark Chura (Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation)
  • Herb Inden (Office of State Planning and Coordination)
  • Bill Rhodunda (New Castle County Government)
  • Charles Manula (AstraZeneca)
  • Graham Stewart (AstraZeneca - Master Planner)
  • Bill Roberts (Wallace Roberts & Todd, State Master Planner)
  • Richard Bartholomew (Wallace Roberts & Todd, State Master Planner)
  • John Beckman (Wallace Roberts & Todd, State Master Planner)

AstraZeneca Planning Committee

The AstraZeneca Planning Committee, chaired by Arnie Caine, is responsible for coordinating their site planning with the Master Plan effort. Chuck Manula will be the Project Manager, leading the day-to-day efforts for AstraZeneca.