The East Park plan has been re-designed due to the relocation of East Park Drive as a condition of the environmental approvals. However, this active recreation facility will still include all the facilities agreed to in the Master Plan: three multipurpose play fields, a children's playground and garden, dog park, exhibits related to the Weldin Plantation, and bike and walking trails.

The ruins of Weldin Plantation will remain in the existing wooded area adjacent to the multipurpose fields. The woods will be selectively cleared to expose the ruins and "retrieve" these historic ruins from the vegetation that has hidden them for years. s and storyboards will tell the history of the site and paths will link the ruins with other areas of the park. Picnic areas will also be included around the historic plantation site and in the fringe areas of the woods.

An additional multi-use play field will be located near the children's playground and a dog park will provide an area for dog owners to safely run their dogs unleashed. Several parking areas are being designed for convenient access to the park's facilities.

The expansion of the Rock Manor Golf Course is being redesigned to ensure it works with the rest of the East Park elements from both a transportation and design standpoint. The East Park stormwater management system has been sized to handle runoff from Matson Run and the overall park development.