(Advertise May 2006)

A Greenway trail is a ten-foot wide path designed for use by non-vehicular traffic (bicyclists, pedestrians, etc.). This section of the proposed Greenway will provide a connection from the parks and recreational facilities located in the heart of the Blue Ball Project to Talley Road and then to Rock Manor Museum. Ultimately the path is planned to extend the width of the State of Delaware, and is part of a larger plan to provide a path from Maine to Florida. See for more information.

See the illustration below for the proposed location of this section of the Greenway. The Blue Ball Project Team has been and is continuing to work with environmental resource agencies, the golf course architects, and the Weldin Ridge community to determine the best route for the path. Click on the thumbnail images below for several artists' renderings of the path and potential screening options.

Proposed Location (pdf file 265kb)

Weldin Ridge Community

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