Transportation Elements

Green Contract West Park Roads (Completed Fall 2003)

Blue Contract US 202 - Augustine Cut-Off to Independence Mall (Completed Summer 2006)

Brown Contract I-95 Northbound Ramp to SR 202 Southbound (Completed Spring 2005)

Orange Contract SR 141, US 202 - Independence Mall to AstraZeneca (Completed Summer 2007)

Light Blue Contract US 202 - I-95 to Augustine Cut-Off & Final West Side Roads (Completed Fall 2007)

Red Contract East Side Transportation Improvements (Completed Fall 2007)

Yellow Contract US 202 /I-95 Interchange (Advertise Fall 2009)

Parks & Recreation Elements

bulletBlue Ball Dairy Barn (Completed Winter 2007)

bulletAlapocas Woods Greenway (Completed Fall 2003)

bulletWest Park Improvements (Completed Fall 2003)

bulletEast Park Improvements (Completed Fall 2007)

bulletEast Park Greenway (Construction began June 2006)

bulletBoundless Can-Do Playground (Completed Fall 2007)