Landscape Concept Plan

The Landscape Concept Plan is a further refinement of the landscape component of the Blue Ball Properties Master Plan. It articulates the principals developed in the Master Plan to achieve a planting concept that meets functional and aesthetical criteria. The basic elements of the Landscape Concept Plan include:

  • Establishing a separate landscape character for Route 202 and the smaller scale park roads.
  • Planting will be used to provide visual connectivity across Route 202.
  • Trees will be planted primarily in shrub beds or areas of meadow grasses to reduce maintenance requirements of mowing around each tree.
  • Large open areas will be seeded with meadow grasses and wildflowers to establish a sustainable landscape that will require reduced maintenance.
  • Additional mounding and plants will be added between West Park Drive and the abutting Alapocas neighborhood to buffer traffic noise and visual clutter from the existing homes.
  • The open space abutting the historic Dairy Barn will be graded and seeded with maintained lawn grasses to provide usable outdoor space in conjunction with activities that will occur in the Barn.
  • Steeply sloping areas will be planted with native shrubs and trees to stabilize slopes and negate the need to mow.
  • Existing woodlands and hedgerows will be protected and augmented as an integral component of the landscape plan.

Landscape Concept Plan. (CLICK on image for larger aerial view)

Bird's Eye Perspective of Proposed Park Looking East. (CLICK on image for larger aerial view)

Proposed Landscape Buffer for Alapocas. (CLICK on image for larger aerial view)