(Completed fall 2003)

These improvements will enhance the agricultural history of the land through the protection and restoration of the existing open spaces and the Blue Ball Dairy Barn, which will be restored for adaptive reuse.

The A.I. DuPont Woods Natural Area is the western border of the Blue Ball parklands. One of the last pieces of the Nemours estate, this 80-acre easement includes a horse trail dating back to the 1800s built for the estate of A.I. duPont. It also includes the remnants of a colonial bridge over Alapocas Run, and mature trees over 100 years old.

To manage stormwater runoff, a series of sculpted, grassy, shallow depressions, called "bio-swales," meander throughout West Park. These approximately 10' wide areas will be located between the road shoulder and greenway, and will provide opportunities for environmental education in conjunction with the park path system.

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