Date: March 29, 2007
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Blue Ball Dairy Barn
Re: Construction Working Group (Meeting Minutes) @ Construction Site Trailer

Mrs. Margaret BrambleDeerhurst
Mr. Donald CriscuoloAlapocas II Maint. Org.
Mr. Ralph BayrerCarillon Crossing
Mr. Jim BayardAlapocas
Mr. Dan BockoverCCOBH
Ms. Rosanna RichardsIndependence Mall
Mr. Vernon LawtonDelDOT
Mr. Nicholas HetrickDelDOT
Mr. Bruce KayDMJM Harris
Mr. Bob KingDelDOT
Mr. Mark TudorDelDOT

Meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m.

Bob informed group that the Blue Ball Dairy Barn had been officially opened with a public reception earlier in the month and that the barn was now open for scheduling of events. Discussion ensued concerning the layout of the barn and its exhibits.

Bob also informed the group that next week (April 2-6) will be National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week and would be celebrated with a press event on Thursday, April 5, at 2:30 pm at the Smyrna Rest Area hosted by Transportation Secretary Carolann Wicks and other DelDOT representatives. Radio spots and print ads would also be focusing upon the week.

Bob then explained to the group the upcoming I-95 Fifth Lane project. Much discussion ensued concerning the project and the bid process.

Jim questioned the status of the signs for the Alapocas Community. He requested that he be able to see an example of the sign (not a rendering). Requested that Mark Tudor be contacted regarding this request (follow up: Mark notified same morning). Vern to also follow up with Mark.

There was also question and discussion from group regarding the uniformity of the designs of both lighting and signs throughout the park. Bruce to follow up and report back to group.

Question also arose concerning the installation of a sign directing traffic to Nemours Clinic.

A question was also raised regarding the status of the "Boundless Playground" and that it is scheduled to be opened around the end of summer. Tree removal and grading is in the process of being accomplished now.

Due to requests from the community, it was reported to group that the pavement markings along the Powder Mill Road Eastbound lanes at the intersection of Children's Drive will be revised to create a dedicated right turn lane.

Nick reported to the group:

Contract 23-106-05: Eastside Improvements

  • Punch list work is currently underway

Contract 24-106-05: US 202, I-95 to Augustine Cutoff

  • Work is currently underway in the storm water management pond. It is expected to be finished within the next month.
  • Widening of 202 SB from Augustine cutoff to I-95 is underway - drainage work is completed and the contractor is beginning to box out for the roadway.
  • Construction of the West Park Roundabout and West Park Drive is underway; work finished includes the stone sub-base, under-drain, drainage and lighting. Work that remains includes curb installation and paving.
  • Augustine Cutoff Intersection Closure and Detour:
    • The closure is necessary to reconstruct the intersection of Augustine Cutoff and US 202. Work includes new drainage, utility relocations, curb installation and paving.
    • The closure and detour should begin around the end of April.
    • Notice will be given 10 days in advance, via Message Boards and a Press Release.
    • Detour will be posted on, available at the field office, emailed to the receivers of these minutes (the is not available at this time) and sent out with the press release.
    • The first weekend of the detour will require the complete closure of Augustine Cutoff between US 202 and Edgewood Road so that Augustine Cutoff can be tied into the newly constructed West Park Drive. This closure will be in effect from 9pm Friday night until 5am Monday Morning. Motorists will be able to access Augustine Cutoff via the posted detour, which consists of taking Alapocas Drive to 141.
    • Once Augustine Cutoff has been tied into West Park Drive, Augustine Cutoff will be reopened at Edgewood Road and traffic will then flow onto the newly constructed West Park Drive. At this point, motorists will no longer have access to US 202 where the existing Augustine Cutoff intersection is at US 202. Motorists are asked to follow the posted detour.
    • This detour will consist of the following:
      • Traffic on Augustine Cutoff will be routed onto the newly constructed West Park Drive down to the 141 Spur, once there, motorists can utilize the 141 Spur/US 202 interchange to head north or south on US 202 (to I-95).
      • Traffic from I-95 can take the 141 Spur/ Foulk Rd Ramp from US 202 to the 141 Spur, make a left onto the Spur and travel underneath US 202, then make a left onto West Park Drive, which will take motorist to Augustine Cutoff.
      • Traffic traveling south on US 202 can take the West Park Drive Off ramp (near Independence Mall, also signed for the 141 Spur/ 261 Foulk Road). At the Traffic signal at the 141 Spur, proceed straight onto West Park Drive, which will take motorists to Augustine Cutoff.
      • Traffic traveling north on US 202 out of the city should make a Right turn onto the Weldin Road Connector in between the Brandywine Plaza and Independence Mall. Take the Weldin Connector to the Foulk Road traffic signal; make a right turn and then bear off to their left, onto the 141 Spur. Once on the Spur, motorists will travel under US 202, and make a left onto West Park Drive, at the West Park traffic signal. Motorists should then follow the road to Augustine Cutoff.
      • Traffic traveling East/North on the 141 Spur, should make a right turn at the West Park Drive signal, onto West Park Drive, and follow the road to Augustine Cutoff.
    • The entire detour is expected to take 105 days pending any unforeseen circumstances or extended periods of bad weather.

Bruce reported to the group:

  • Reconstruction of the AstraZeneca entrance in the vicinity of the Children's Drive/Powder Mill Road intersection is on-going and nearing completion.
  • Work along the US202 southbound widening (in front of AstraZeneca) has resumed. Paving along this area should begin by the second or third week of April.
  • Median work along US202, from Independence Mall to AstraZeneca, will begin this spring. Since Richard E. Pierson Construction is there apparent low bidder for the I-95 Widening Project, and significant manpower will be needed there by early June, Blue Ball crews are preparing to accelerate the completion of work associated with Contract #4.
  • Work along Murphy Road will also begin in the spring. As the result of a drainage revision, the process will now be less impactive to traffic and work will be completed quicker than anticipated.
  • At the request of Rosanna Richards, Bruce will review the roadway lighting along the north side of the Independence Mall entrance with Mark Tudor. Ms. Richards requested the installation of a decorative pole to match the poles installed along the south side of the entrance.
  • A question was raised regarding a possible difference in the sign structure coating systems (between the structures furnished under Contracts #2 and the structures furnished under Contract #4). This will be investigated.