Date: April 26, 2007
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Blue Ball Dairy Barn
Re: Construction Working Group (Meeting Minutes) @ Construction Site Trailer

Mrs. Margaret BrambleDeerhurst
Mr. Donald CriscuoloAlapocas II Maint. Org.
Mr. Ralph BayrerCarillon Crossing
Mr. Jim BayardAlapocas
Mr. Vernon LawtonDelDOT
Mr. Nicholas HetrickDelDOT
Mr. Jeff Van HornDelDOT
Ryan Tudor 
Mr. Mark TudorDelDOT

Meeting was called to order at 8:05 a.m.

Mark introduced his son Ryan, who is in the 4th Grade, who was with Mark as part of "Take your Son/Daughter to Work Day." Mark indicated that Ryan was thinking of becoming an engineer when he grows up, but was leaning towards being in construction instead of design. Vern and Nick were glad to hear that and already starting to recruit Ryan!

Mark indicated that the DE Greenways Auction was held at the Blue Ball Dairy Barn on April 19th and was very well attended. Over 350 people were thought to have attended. The parking lot at the Barn was full, the parking lot along US202 near Foulk Road was also full, and cars also may have been parking at the lot along Weldin Road.

Mark indicated that he met Jim along Augustine Cutoff on April 9th to go over the proposed signage that would be placed on the "bump outs" proposed along Augustine Cutoff. Jim took a look at the proposed sign alternatives, and wanted to use the smallest sign that was presented (roughly 6" wide and 16" high). It was noted that most likely the bump outs further north along West Park Drive will be in place and operational before the bump outs are installed along Augustine Cutoff (the Augustine Cutoff repaving will probably be done before the bump outs), so the community should be able to see the bump outs and signage before making a final decision along Augustine Cutoff.

Many additional signs with directions to the Nemours Clinic have been installed since the last meeting.

The group questioned the proposed lane configurations on Murphy Road at the US202 intersection. As currently designed (and detailed in the Master Plan), there will be three lanes at the intersection: 1 left turn lane, 1 thru lane, and 1 shared thru/right turn lane. The group questioned whether it was a better configuration to have a separate right turn lane and no separate left turn lane. Mark indicated that he will circle back with DelDOT's Traffic Section and provide additional information at the next meeting on the pros and cons of the different options.

Miscellaneous signage and striping concerns were discussed, which will need to be looked at further by DelDOT's Traffic Section. They included:

  • Add right turn lane at Powder Mill Road Eastbound lanes at the intersection of Children's Drive (discussed at last month's meeting but confirmed will be done when striping crews are at project to do other permanent striping installations)
  • Installing "No U-Turn" sign on US202 Southbound at Foulk Road underpass
  • Better signage on Powder Mill Road Eastbound lanes ahead of the Childrens Drive Intersection, to indicate Childrens Drive and Powder Mill Road, and TO Rockland Road.
  • Striping on Eastbound Powder Mill Road thru the US202 intersection to help guide drivers in the lane shift traveling to Murphy Road
  • Looking at whether it is possible to swap the order of the SR141 and Foulk Road signage on the overhead signs along Southbound US202 (at a minimum, will be very expensive)
  • Removing a tree along Southbound US202 that blocks a newly installed sign north of AZ's entrance across from the Fairfax Shopping Center. DelDOT has been working with AZ on this issue, and has received permission to remove the tree, dependent on a comparable "specimen" tree be replanted within the AZ Campus.

The question was clarified from the last meeting on trying to understand the possible differences in black coatings (shiny black vs. a "matte" finish) in the sign structure coating systems (between the structures furnished under Contracts #2 and the structures furnished under Contract #4).

Nick reported to the group:

Contract 23-106-05: Eastside Improvements

  • Punch list work is currently underway

Contract 24-106-05: US 202, I-95 to Augustine Cutoff (Click for detour )

  • Work is almost finished in the storm water management pond. Widening of 202 SB from Augustine cutoff to I-95 is underway - drainage work is completed and the contractor is beginning to box out for the roadway.
  • Construction of the West Park Roundabout and West Park Drive is underway; work finished includes the stone sub-base, under-drain, drainage and lighting. Some curb work has also been completed. Paving has yet to be done.
  • Augustine Cutoff Intersection Closure and Detour
    • The closure is necessary to reconstruct the intersection of Augustine Cutoff and US 202. Work includes new drainage, utility relocations, curb installation and paving.
    • The closure and detour is expected to be around the third week in May. Recent forecasts of rain have prevented the patterned concrete work from starting, which is delaying completion of paving and other activities. Notice will be given 10 days in advance, via Message Boards and a Press Release.
    • Detour will be posted on, available at the field office, emailed to the receivers of these minutes and sent out with the press release.
    • The first weekend of the detour will require the complete closure of Augustine Cutoff between US 202 and Edgewood Road so that Augustine Cutoff can be tied into the newly constructed West Park Drive. This closure will be in effect from 9pm Friday night until 5am Monday Morning. Motorists will be able to access Augustine Cutoff via the posted detour, which consists of taking Alapocas Drive to 141.
    • Once Augustine Cutoff has been tied into West Park Drive, Augustine Cutoff will be reopened at Edgewood Road and traffic will then flow onto the newly constructed West Park Drive. At this point, motorists will no longer have access to US 202 where the existing Augustine Cutoff intersection is at US 202. Motorists are asked to follow the posted detour.
    • This detour will consist of the following:
      • Traffic on Augustine Cutoff will be routed onto the newly constructed West Park Drive down to the 141 Spur. Once there, motorists can utilize the 141 Spur/US 202 interchange to head north or south on US 202 (to I-95).
      • Traffic from I-95 can take the 141 Spur/ Foulk Road Ramp from US 202 to the 141 Spur, make a left onto the Spur and travel underneath US 202, then make a left onto West Park Drive, which will take motorists to Augustine Cutoff.
      • Traffic traveling south on US 202 can take the West Park Drive Off ramp (near Independence Mall, also signed for the 141 Spur/ 261 Foulk Road). At the Traffic signal at the 141 Spur, proceed straight onto West Park Drive, which will take motorists to Augustine Cutoff.
      • Traffic traveling north on US 202 out of the city should make a right turn onto the Weldin Road Connector in between the Brandywine Plaza and Independence Mall. Take the Weldin Connector to the Foulk Road traffic signal, make a right turn and then bear off to their left, onto the 141 Spur. Once on the Spur, motorists will travel under US 202, and make a left onto West Park Drive, at the West Park traffic signal. Motorists should then follow the road to Augustine Cutoff.
      • Traffic traveling East/North on the 141 Spur, should make a right turn at the West Park Drive signal, onto West Park Drive, and follow the road to Augustine Cutoff.
    • The entire detour is expected to take 105 days pending any unforeseen circumstances or extended periods of bad weather.

Nick (on behalf of Bruce) reported to the group

Contract No. 24-106-06; US202, Independence Mall to AstraZeneca

  • Paving work along Southbound US202 has begun. To safely and efficiently complete the paving work along Southbound US202, from north of Powder Mill Road to the ramp that connects with West Park Drive, SR141, and Foulk Road (known as Ramp "C"), a planned Friday to Sunday closure of Ramp "C" was scheduled to begin on April 27th. The threat of rain has pushed this planned closure to the following weekend (starting on Friday May 4th to Sunday May 6th ), also dependant on the weather.
  • Paving work on Powder Mill Road in front of AstraZeneca near US202 will continue for the next week or so.
  • After the completion of the paving work along Southbound US202, median work along US202, from Independence Mall to AstraZeneca, will begin. Since Richard E. Pierson Construction is the selected contractor for the I-95 Widening Project, and significant manpower will be needed there by early June, Blue Ball crews are continuing to accelerate the completion of work associated with the US202 contract.