Date: June 28, 2007
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Blue Ball Dairy Barn
Re: Construction Advisory Group

Mrs. Margaret BrambleDeerhurst
Mr. Donald CriscuoloAlapocas II Maint. Org.
Mr. Ralph BayrerCarillon Crossing
Mr. Jim BayardAlapocas
Mr. Vernon LawtonDelDOT
Mr. Nicholas HetrickDelDOT
Mr. Bob KingDelDOT
Mr. Bruce KayDelDOT
Mr. Mark TudorDelDOT

Meeting was called to order at 8:10 a.m. There were no opening remarks.

Mark reported to the group:

The miscellaneous signage and striping concerns from the last couple of meetings were discussed, and the recommendations from each of the issues are found below:

  • Add right turn lane at Powder Mill Road Eastbound lanes at the intersection of Children's Drive. Striping will be done very shortly, when other permanent striping is done for entire project.
  • Installing "No U-Turn" sign on US202 Southbound at Foulk Road underpass. Will be installed at all relevant locations along US202, both northbound and southbound, in project area.
  • Better signage on Powder Mill Road Eastbound lanes ahead of the Childrens Drive Intersection, to indicate Childrens Drive and Powder Mill Road, and TO Rockland Road. Initial recommendation from DelDOT was that signage was adequate, but group felt that the first sign on SR141 (outside of project limits), needed to be changed to be more reflective of the "TO Rockland Road" condition. Recommendation is to repeat the sign at the curve, and place it before the curve with an "Ahead" Designation.
  • Striping on Eastbound Powder Mill Road thru the US202 intersection to help guide drivers in the lane shift traveling to Murphy Road. Striping will be done very shortly, when other permanent striping is done for entire project.
  • Looking at whether it is possible to swap the order of the SR141 and Foulk Road signage on the overhead signs along Southbound US202 (will at a minimum be very expensive). Group felt it was very important to switch the signage, despite the cost. DelDOT will continue to investigate.
  • Removing a tree along Southbound US202 that blocks a newly installed sign north of AZ's entrance across from the Fairfax Shopping Center. Completed.
  • A speed limit sign on Murphy Road heading eastbound, just east of the US202 Intersection. DelDOT will install.
  • "Signal Ahead" Sign on SR141 Spur heading towards US202, just west of West Park Drive. A sign has already been installed, but DelDOT is looking at other ways to increase the visibility of the signal heads.
  • Problems of U-Turns in the Independence Mall Parking Lot, which may point to an overall concern of guidance of how traffic needs to access the opposite way on US202 (example if traveling northbound on US202, signage that would point traffic on how to get to southbound US202. Recommendation is to maintain existing signage as proposed, because of concerns of too much signage. But issue has been noted, and if problem exists after construction completion, will be investigated again to see if action is needed.
  • Reinstallation of Alapocas Community Sign that was damaged by contractor. Issue has been resolved. The contractor supplied Mr. Bayard (at his request) a painted 12' x 6" x6" pressure treated post to replace the one that they had damaged. Mr. Bayard will take responsibility of re-installing the sign to the post and installing the post. The contractor will be more then willing to help reinstall the post if needed.
  • US202/Murphy Road Intersection - Signal timings not finalized, and loop detectors not activated yet. Situation will be monitored and discussed at next working group meeting.
  • Light Poles along US202 NB in front of Independence Mall - DelDOT has reviewed the issue and is looking to replace the one pole near the entrance. Installation will be challenging because of existing underground utilities.

A couple of other signage/striping issues were raised that will require investigation by DelDOT:

  • Sign at intersection of Powder Mill Road and Childrens Drive is turned the wrong way.
  • There is no Nemours Sign at Childrens Drive.
  • A pedestrian warning sign and a yield sign along southbound West Drive heading towards the roundabout are too close together.
  • Delineator signs still need to be installed in "choker islands" along Augustine Cutoff and West Park Drive-Delineator signs will be installed once the choker islands are complete.

23-106-07: 3 East

  • Pedestrian Bridge has been installed along greenway path; final paving of path (from the bridge to Weldin Road is all that is left to complete.

24-106-05: 3 West

  • New tentative project completion date is September 13, 2007 after a 36-day time extension was granted for excess rock excavation in the storm water management pond and for the project shutdown required when President Bush passed through the project. Project completion date is not final and could change, pending the development of any other time issues.
  • The Augustine Cutoff detour is currently under way. The detour went into effect June 2, 2007 and the tentative opening is scheduled for September 13, 2007. (If future time extensions are granted, the opening date will be shifted to September 15, 2007 - 105 days after the closure, per contract specs.)
  • Work on the storm water pond is complete.
  • Work on southbound US 202 is ongoing, with fine grading, curb and hotmix remaining.
  • Work on northbound US 202 is ongoing, with fine grading, curb and hotmix remaining.
  • Traffic on the ramps to NB 202 from I-95 will be shifted to the newly widened portion in the upcoming week to allow for the widening of the right side of the ramp.
  • Work still remaining includes construction of the medians along mainline US 202 and the overlay/final lift of hotmix project wide.

Bruce reported to the group:

24-106-06: Contract #4

  • Contractor is currently completing the US 202 median patterned concrete and also applying the final pavement markings throughout the limits of work.
  • Project will be substantially completed on or about July 8th. At that time, only punchlist work and restoration of the field office compound will remain to be completed.

There was a question regarding the I-95 5th Lane Project and how it would affect traffic. The project was explained in detail, highlighting that all lane closures will be done at night, with no full closures expected. All four lanes will be operational during the day.

There was also discussion regarding the Rotary's Boundless Playground opening scheduled for July 11th.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:15 am, with the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, July 26th at the Blue Ball Dairy Barn.