Date: August 29, 2002
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Blue Ball Construction Field Office
Re: Construction Working Group (Meeting Minutes)

Mr. William StewartDelDOT
Mr. Bob KingDelDOT
Mr. Fred WilleyDMJM-Harris
Ms. Gwinneth Kaminsky-RiveraCity of Wilm Planning Dept
Mr. Dominick D'EramoAlapocas II Maintenance Organization
Mr. Dan BockoverCCOBH
Mr. Margaret BrambleDeerhurst
Rep. Robert WeinerNCCC
Mr. Harold GreenIndependence Mall
Mr. John JanowskiNCC
Mr. Dave BlankenshipCity of Wilmington
Mr. Harry GambleMcCormick, Taylor & Assoc
Mr. Chris BarberCity of Wilm - Water Div
Mr. Graham StewartAstraZeneca
Kersey VakhariaAstraZeneca

Bob King of DelDOT opened the meeting thanking everyone for coming. He explained that this was the second construction working group meeting for the Blue Ball Project. Meeting will be held on the final Thursday of each month for the purpose of updating the community and its representatives, politic, civic and economic, on the recent construction activities of the Blue Ball Project and upcoming construction events scheduled over the next few weeks.

Bill Stewart of DelDOT reported to the group that the project was 32 days into construction. This contract is currently on schedule to be completed in the spring of 2003. The contractor, Mumford & Miller, performed the following work to date:

  • The embankment berm on the South end of the project, adjacent to the Alapocas II community, is substantially complete.
  • Excavation of the Wetland Replacement Site is complete. Placement and grading of the proposed topsoil is ongoing.
  • Construction of Stormwater Management Pond No. 3 is ongoing.
  • Embankment work for the Temporary Roadway and Relocated Rockland Road is ongoing.
  • Blasting of rock to accommodate for the proposed storm pipes, ponds, utilities and Temporary Roadway is ongoing.
  • Utility relocation along existing Rockland Road by Conectiv-Electric is on-going.

The following work is anticipated to occur during the next six weeks:

  • Continue embankment work along the Temporary Roadway and Relocated Rockland Road.
  • Continue grading of the Wetland Replacement Site.
  • Continue construction of Stormwater Management Pond No. 3.
  • Continue blasting as required.
  • Begin the proposed stream diversion to accommodate for the construction of the three-sided rigid frames (culverts) at the future Relocated Rockland Road and the future SR141 Spur.
  • Begin construction of the three-sided rigid frame (culvert) at future Relocated Rockland Road.
  • Begin construction of the outfall pipes for Stormwater Ponds No. 2 & 3.
  • Begin work in the utility corridor. Relocation of City of Wilmington - Water to begin in mid-September.
  • Residents of the Alapocas community expressed concern that their homes "shook" during the blasting operations. Bill Stewart reported that a total of nine blasts have occurred to date. Industry standard allows for a peak particle velocity of 2.00 psi. Prior to the start of the blasting operation, the blasting contractor, Brubacher Excavating, indicated that his target peak particle velocity is 0.20 psi. To date, the highest seismic reading has been 0.12 psi. During a public meeting with the Alapocas community, Brubacher Excavating compared the blasting operation to a thunderstorm. Alapocas residents disagreed with this comparison. The specification for this project were developed to assure everyone's safety and to minimize any potential for damage. DelDOT will continue to ensure compliance with the specifications. Independence Mall and the Deerhurst community reported that they have not felt any vibrations from the blasting activities.

AstraZeneca reported that the first building on the north side of the new complex is completed and is awaiting its COA. The Childcare center is on schedule and is expected completion by December and occupancy in February 2003.

Rep. Robert Weiner requested a tour of the AstraZeneca new complex including the Child Care Center. This was agreed to.

Residents have also been troubled with dust from the construction activities. Mumford & Miller has been and will continue to control the dust situation by watering the grade as necessary. As activities progress, the dust situation should significantly improve.

Mumford & Miller has entered into a Soil Stewardship Program with the Delaware Nature Society. By participating in this program, Mumford & Miller has pledged to properly install and maintain erosion and sediment controls as defined on the contract drawings to properly control stormwater runoff. Additionally, a representative from the Delaware Nature Society and one of our project people will be inspecting the site once a week to observe all erosion and sediment controls in place and make recommendations for additional controls when necessary.

Should anyone have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to call Bill Stewart at 302-654-4119.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:00 pm