Date: August 30, 2007
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Blue Ball Dairy Barn
Re: Construction Advisory Group

Mrs. Margaret BrambleDeerhurst
Mr. Jim BayardAlapocas
Mr. Donald CriscuoloAlapocas II Maint. Org.
Mr. Ralph BayrerCarillon Crossing
Ms. Susan StaatsDNREC
Mr. Vernon LawtonDelDOT
Mr. Nicholas HetrickDelDOT
Mr. Bob KingDelDOT

Meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m.

Bob reported to the group:

The final Blue Ball Public Workshop will be held during the beginning of November, 2007. Final date TBD.

Mark Tudor has several follow up items to report, but was unable to make the meeting. Bob informed group that his comments would be included here within the minutes.

  • Better signage on Powder Mill Road Eastbound lanes ahead of the Childrens Drive Intersection, to indicate Childrens Drive and Powder Mill Road, and TO Rockland Road. Initial recommendation from DelDOT was that signage was adequate, but group felt that the first sign on SR141 (outside of project limits), needed to be changed to be more reflective of the "To Rockland Road" condition. Sign has been moved further up SR141 to provide warning before the curve. More investigation is needed to figure out what to do with existing sign. No further update.
  • Looking at whether it is possible to swap the order of the SR141 and Foulk Road signage on the overhead signs along Southbound US202 (will at a minimum be very expensive). It was determined that the signs' panels can be swapped without making new signs, which will be much less expensive than originally thought. It is anticipated that the signs will be changed within the next couple of months. Signs will be swapped in the upcoming weeks. Since it is considered "extra" work, the contractor will do this work once his contracted work is complete.
  • A speed limit sign on Murphy Road heading eastbound, just east of the US202 Intersection. Still to be installed. It has been installed.
  • "Signal Ahead" Sign on SR141 Spur heading towards US202, just west of West Park Drive. A sign has already been installed, but DelDOT is looking at other ways to increase the visibility of the signal heads. No further update.
  • US202/Murphy Road Intersection - Signal timings not finalized, and loop detectors not activated yet. Group indicated that signal timings have improved, but the signal phasing still has not been changed to the final configuration. Situation will continue to be monitored.
  • Light poles along US202 NB in front of Independence Mall - DelDOT has reviewed the issue and is looking to replace the one pole near the entrance. Installation will be challenging because of existing underground utilities. Still in process.
  • Sign at intersection of Powder Mill Road and Childrens Drive is turned the wrong way - Could not find problem. Requires more clarification - Mr. Baird advised that the problem has been corrected.
  • A pedestrian warning sign and yield sign along southbound West Drive heading towards the roundabout are too close together. It is not that bad of an issue and if he would move either sign, it just would create a "blind spot" at a different point in the approach. I agree with his reasoning - I can bring it up at the next meeting, or can we just add it to these minutes?
  • Delineator signs still need to be installed in "choker islands" along Augustine Cutoff and West Park Drive-Delineator signs will be installed once the choker islands are complete. Will be installed before next meeting.

Discussion also occurred on Don Criscuolo's July 22nd e-mail to the Construction Working Group

  • Installing "No Right Turn on Red" signs at both West Park Drive/SR141 Spur Intersection, and Weldin Road/Foulk Road Intersection. DelDOT will investigate - Vern will bring this issue again to DelDOT traffic.
  • Problem of "rolling stops" of Rockland Road traffic at West Park Drive. DelDOT will investigate what criteria are used to determine when a larger Stop Sign is recommended. But also police enforcement may be recommended. - No Discussion.

There was a question by Jim as to what the fate of the Murphy House would be. Explained that it was in the hands of the Real Estate section, but Jim and others were concerned about what the fate of the building would be and that it presently is an eye-sore. Still working on deed information (we needed more field survey to verify proposed property lines).

Susan reported to the group, regarding a follow-up to the Murphy House question as to the status of the Bird Husband House. The Delaware Greenways will be holding an open house there On Oct 25th in celebration of their new offices.

Don had a follow-up concerning the parking issues off of Augustine Cutoff where people using the walking trails would park illegally. The "No Parking" signs have been ordered and Ron Crouch has followed up with an email to Don.

It was reported to the group that the Washington Inauguration memorial buttons are being distributed this week by Speaker of the House, Terry Spence at the National Speaker Convention being held at Dover Downs and that another one was presented by him to President Bush earlier this year.

In response to a question on the status of the I-95 Fifth Lane Project and the Newark Toll Plaza, the group was informed on the status of the project.

Bob also discussed with the group that since the project is nearing completion October will be the last of the Construction Advisory Meetings. Bob said that a "that-you" breakfast will be provided for the active members.

Nick reported to the group that:

Current Contract completion date is September 13, 2007 but it is expected that this date will be pushed to mid-to-late October. The project completion date is being extended due to unforeseen conflicts with utilities and for a portion of US 202 that had to be totally reconstructed due to a failing sub-base when the original intent was to just overlay that section.

The Augustine Cutoff intersection with US 202 will reopen in early October, pending weather and any other unforeseen conflicts. There will be advanced warning for the reactivation of the traffic signal on US 202. Message Boards will be used to warn motorists and the signal will be on flash for 72 hours in advance of its opening.

Westpark Drive and Augustine cutoff has had its final lift of hot mix placed and is awaiting final striping.

US 202 Southbound has been widened and will have traffic shifted onto the widened section to facilitate the center median construction in the upcoming week.

US 202 Northbound has been widened and traffic will be shifted back into its final configuration in the upcoming week.

A good majority of the I-95 ramp widening is complete; traffic will be shifted over the upcoming week to facilitate the construction of the final portion of widening in front of the Reservoir.

Remaining work includes the last portion of Ramp 4's widening, median construction along the center of US 202 and the final hot mix overlay of the entire project.

The erection of the overhead sign structures is ongoing.

Vern reported that:

  • There is no Nemours Sign at Children's Drive - Signage to individual commercial properties is discouraged in the r/w because of fairness to all commercial properties. It was thought that all "H" signs indicate AI and not Nemours, but Ms. Bramble will look at other locations. PEG INSPECTED SITE AND REPORTED THAT THERE ARE NO NEMOURS SIGNS; HOWEVER THERE SEEMS TO BE A RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE SIGN.
  • Peg commented on the need for installing "No Right Turn on Red" signs at both West Park Drive/SR141 Spur Intersection, and Weldin Road/Foulk Road Intersection. This has been brought up several times to our traffic section. Vern will run it by them one more time for review.
  • Ralph asked about the "birdbath" at the Powdermill Road and US 202 intersection. Vern reported that the extension of the catch basin has been placed and in the next two weeks the eastbound right two lanes will be milled and paved to promote drainage.
  • Vern commented that DelDOT Maintenance is addressing the landscaping at the intersection of SR 100 and SR 141. They have sprayed vegetation killer on the beds and mowed them down. They are trying to get either Hagley or DuPont to take over maintenance of them to keep them in good repair. If neither will take them over, they will be concreted over.
  • Vern reported that there was a meeting between DNREC Parks and DelDOT Maintenance yesterday to review the maintenance responsibilities of the new roadways and the Alapocas State Park. In this review, the issue of vines on the double retaining walls along the south side of Foulk Road came up. Both DNREC and DelDOT Maintenance want the vines to remain to deter graffiti. The vines that are planted and growing up the masonry walls are not the type that will damage the masonry. It was agreed that the vines could remain.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am with the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, September 27, 2007 at the Blue Ball Dairy Barn