Date: September 26, 2002
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Blue Ball Construction Field Office
Re: Construction Working Group (Meeting Minutes)

Mr. Margaret BrambleDeerhurst
Mr. Donald CriscuoloAlapocas II Maint. Org.
Mr. Harold GreenIndependence Mall
Mr. William StewartDelDOT
Mr. Bob KindDelDOT
Mr. Harry GambleMcCormick, Taylor & Assoc

Bob King of DelDOT opened the meeting thanking everyone for coming. He explained that this was the third construction working group meeting for the Blue Ball Project. Meetings will be held on the final Thursday of each month for the purpose of updating the community and its representatives, politic, civic and economic, on the recent construction activities of the Blue Ball Project and upcoming construction events scheduled over the next few weeks. The importance of filling in all contact information (address, telephone, & email address) on the sign-in sheet was stressed to ensure that meeting information and minutes be routed to all members.

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed with the following corrections:

Dominick D'Eramo of the Alapocas II Maint. Org. was in attendance. There was also discussion with the panel and Rep. Weiner and Peg Bramble concerning the intended plans for the Weldin-Husband house on the corner of Concord Pike and Faulk Road. Structural analysis of the building revealed that the costs for the stabilization and restoration of the building were excessive and the fact that building was not designated historically significant. All involved agreed that the need to preserve the structure did not warrant such an expense.

Bill Stewart reported that the project was 60 days into construction. The contract is currently on schedule to be completed in the Spring of 2003. The following work was performed in the last month:

  • Stream diversion work at existing Rockland Road is complete.
  • Excavation for future East Park Drive is ongoing.
  • Embankment work on SR 141 Spur began.
  • Construction of stormwater pond's #2 and #3 is ongoing.
  • Storm pipe installation for the ponds is ongoing.
  • Blasting for roadway and pipes south of Rockland Road is ongoing.

The following work is scheduled to occur in the next month:

  • Begin excavation for the relocated Rockland Road three-sided frame.
  • Begin construction of mechanical stabilized earth wall (1:1 slope).
  • Begin installation of utilities within the corridor (water, communications, gas).
  • Continue stream restoration work.

Don Criscuolo expressed concerns:

  1. Concerning the amount of dust in the air and the fact that on occasions he did not notice any water trucks in use. Bill Stewart will make a note that the roads are to remain wet, but also noted that drivers are to be reminded to stay on the wet travel-way.
  2. The relocation wetland site is currently wet. Wanted to know if the site is to remain wet. Bill Stewart responded that although there is grading that still has to be done, the site is designed to remain wet. There will be a "skim" of water, in the final configuration.
  3. Was concerned that the wetland was going to be a breeding ground for mice and insects. Response was that this shouldn't effect the current amount of breeding; no additional activity is expected.

Peg Bramble asked if:

  1. The project was performing any activity employing the use of jackhammers or other noise-making machinery during the late evening around 11 pm or later. Response was that no night work was being proposed by this project at this time. The night activity could be utility work.
  2. Was there any State regulation concerning noise levels for construction during late hours? Response was that noise level regulations were a county issue. Permits would be issued with explanations as to what was being accomplished.
  3. When will the blasting be done on the northern area, northwest of 202 and Old Rockland Road? Response: will start blasting north of Rockland Road soon, but this is still about 1 1/2 weeks away. All residents within 1000 feet of blast will receive notification via certified mail. Peg replied that some resident said that they never received notification.

Mumford & Miller have submitted a controlled blasting report. This report includes a of the blasting area and does a 1000-foot circle around the blasting area and all residents within the circle are offered a pre-blasting and post-blasting report. Much discussion ensued regarding individual addresses and how they fall in or out of that circle. Specifically, Deerhurst with its 195 homes in relation to the locations of the blasts. It was re-stated that most states employ a 500-foot radius regulation for notification and survey; Delaware has a 1000-foot radius.

Should anyone have any questions, call (302) 654-4119. Being no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm with the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, October 31st at 3pm at the Construction Site Field Office.