Date:September 28, 2006
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Blue Ball Construction Field Office
Re: August 31, 2006 - Construction Working Group (Meeting Minutes) @ Construction Site Trailer

Mrs. Margaret BrambleDeerhurst
Mr. Donald CriscuoloAlapocas II Maint. Org.
Mr. Dominick D'EramoAlapocas II Maint. Org.
Mr. Ralph BayrerCarillon Crossing
Mr. Daniel BockoverCCOBH
Mr. Vernon LawtonDelDOT
Mr. Nicholas HetrickDelDOT
Mr. Bruce KayDMJM Harris
Mr. Mark TudorDelDOT
Ms. Susan StaatsState Parks

Meeting was called to order at 8:00 a.m.

Mark Tudor informed the group that the Blue Ball Public Involvement Committee is still in the process of planning the next public workshop, which will be scheduled sometime during the beginning of November 2006. No firm date has been established.

Mark also noted that DelDOT is still looking at the traffic calming design issues along Augustine Cutoff, especially related to reflectors, based upon some issues along Ebright Road brought up at the last meeting. Mark hopes to have more information at the next meeting.

Susan Staats from State Parks introduced herself to the group. She will be the Facility Manager of the Blue Ball Dairy Barn once it is turned over to State Parks from the contractor, which is expected within the next 4-6 weeks. Until she relocates her office to the Barn, she can be reached at the Wilmington State Parks office at 577-7020. Susan provided the following information:

  • The barn is expected to be available for rentals starting March 1, 2007. The barn should be available for the public to see by the end of the year or early next year. Fees for rentals have not yet been approved.
  • There is no kitchen nor cooking facilities in the barn. Catering events less than 50 people may be accommodated via continental breakfast type services. Larger than 50 people, and all lunch and dinner food and beverage service, will require outside catering services.
  • State Parks anticipates using a "Meadow Management" approach to grass cutting on the West side areas, which will generally involve grass cutting twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. State Parks currently has one ground maintenance staff, and has requested 4 more additional positions for the FY08 budget cycle.
  • Existing landscaping is in various stages of plant warranties, depending upon which construction contract installed the landscaping. The landscaping on the West Side (generally west of West Park Drive) does not have any more warranties (three years has expired), and is under the maintenance responsibility of State Parks. Susan indicated that if landscaping dies after warranty periods, then most likely it would be removed and not replaced.

Bruce Kay provided the following construction update:

Contract #2 (SR-141/US202, Augustine cutoff to Independence Mall)

  • The first year warranty inspection of landscaping placed within the limits of Contract #2 is ongoing. Any plants that have died will be replaced in the Fall of 2006 or Spring of 2007 (depending on the species).

Contract #4 (SR-141/US202, Independence Mall to AstraZeneca)

  • The 63 day detour of Children's Drive began on Saturday August 26th. A detailed showing the various routes to access Children's Drive (which includes access AI duPont Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House, Rockland Centers I & II, AstraZeneca's Child Development Center and the DuPont Country Club) has been posted on the Blue Ball Properties website at
  • Since establishing the Children's Drive detour, the contractor completed excavation to construct the SR-141 Spur to existing Powder Mill Road, installed the new drainage system, constructed the graded aggregate pavement base course, and began placing concrete for the new curb. The remaining work in this area should be completed prior to the next Construction Working Group Meeting.
  • The remaining work along existing Powder Mill Road will begin immediately after the Children's Drive detour is removed and will continue into the fall.
  • Landscaping of completed areas along the SR-141 Spur and Children's Drive has begun and will continue throughout the fall.
  • Work along the US202 southbound widening (in front of AstraZeneca) will resume next week. The contractor is planning on having the drainage, curb and paving completed in this area by the end of the year.
  • Median work along US202, from Independence Mall to AstraZeneca, will begin this fall and will continue through the winter (weather permitting). Work along Murphy Road will most likely begin in the spring of 2007.
  • At this time, it appears that all remaining Contract #4 work should be completed by July 2007.

Nick Hetrick advised the group that:

Contract #3 East (East Side Improvements):

  • The Project is currently on schedule.
  • Weldin Road is anticipated to reopen in late October. Weldin Road's reopening was pushed back due to additional work that was added to the contract.
  • The majority of the work that remains is the installation of the curb along Weldin Road and the round-a-bout, hotmix paving throughout the project and guardrail installation.

Contract #3 West (West Park Drive Improvements and I-95 Ramp Reconstruction):

  • Currently the contractor is working on West Park Drive and the Round-a-bout at West Park Drive and East Park Drive.
  • Clearing is underway and should wrap up by late October.
  • The contractor will have to blast several rock outcroppings so that he can finish the storm drain installation along West Park Drive and the Round-a-bout.
  • Pre-blast inspections are required only for the City Reservoir Property and the Gebelein Property.
  • The blasting subcontractor will be Brubacher.
  • Expect work to really pick up around mid to late October when the Contractor will have multiple crews onsite.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 am with the next meeting scheduled for Thursday, November 30th at 8:00 am.