Date: December 12, 2002
Time: 3:00 PM
Location: Blue Ball Construction Field Office
Re: Construction Working Group (Meeting Minutes)

Mr. Chris BarberCity of Wilm, Water Division
Mr. Jim Bayard, Jr. Alapocas
Ms. Margaret BrambleDeerhurst
Sen. Elect Charles Ireland 4th Dist.
Mr. Donald CriscuoloAlapocas II Maint. Org.
Mr. Bill TanseyNCC Council
Mr. Robert KingDelDOT
Mr. William StewartDelDOT
Mr. Vernon LawtonDelDOT
Mr. Harry GambleMcCormick, Taylor & Assoc
Mr. John RautzahnMcCormick, Taylor & Assoc

Bob King of DelDOT opened the meeting at 3:00 pm by circulating the new sign-in sheet. Bob explained that there was some concern about members not receiving either notices and/or the minutes of meetings. This new sign-in sheet also contains contact information so members can ensure that both US Mail, e-mail and telephone contacts are valid.

Bill Stewart and Peg Bramble met with members of the Deerhurst community on November 19th to inform residents about the methodology of blasting and of the project in general. They will continue to update members of the Deerhurst community as project develops.

Bill Stewart reported that:

  1. Augustine Cut-Off will be closed for a weekend during early spring of 2003. This would eliminate the need for lane closures during the daytime for a period of several weeks.
  2. Weather conditions are impacting the progress of the work. While we are still within the scheduled time frames, the "leeway" buffer is shortening.
  3. Blasting:
    • Blasting in the SWM ponds #1 & #2 is ongoing.
    • Blasting in the SWM #3 is substantially complete.
    • Blasting on the northern end of the project is ongoing.
    • Also work on the waterline is ongoing.
  4. Night work - by Verizon at the utility crossing: US 202 NB, south of Murphy Road and US 202 NB at Independence Mall.
  5. "Precast sections" for the relocated Rockland Road structure complete. Pouring concrete for wing wall pours ongoing.
  6. Installation of the Geogrid Reinforced Slope System at Relocated Rockland Road will begin after completion of wing wall pours. This system will allow the roadway fill to be built on a 1:1 slope.

Peg Bramble reported that the straight arrow lane indicator sign is missing at Murphy Road and Concord Pike.

It was reported that the Bridges would have actual stone facing in lieu of faux-stone façade.

Jim Bayard expressed:

  1. Safety concerns about having Concord Pike shoulder closed in vicinity of the construction trailer. The shoulder is closed for safe ingress and egress from the trailer complex. The closure will remain for the duration of this contract.
  2. Questioned what would be the use of the excess rock from the blasting. Bill Stewart responded that it would be used elsewhere within the project, such as for rip-rap, for runoff of Alapocas Run and use by DNREC.

Peg Bramble questioned about the Weldon Ruin Plantation ruin's retaining wall. John Rautzahn of McCormick, Taylor noted that Option 5 with the circular retaining wall was the option favored during the Public Workshop.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:40 pm with the next meeting scheduled for January 30th at 3:00 pm.