For Immediate Release
Thursday, December 9, 1999

Contact: Michelle Reardon 302-474-0087

Subject: Historic Blue Ball Committee Reviews Final Road Options (Changes Anticipated in Brandywine Hundred - U.S. 202 Corridor)

Wilmington, DE - Following a revised and intensive meeting schedule that now has approximately 60 Brandywine Hundred residents, business owners and legislators meeting with state agencies every week to discuss road enhancements to the Concord Pike Corridor, the Blue Ball Transportation Committee met this evening to review and discuss the final road alternatives.

Infrastructure improvements to Route 141, Augustine Cut-Off and Foulk Roads are necessary as AstraZeneca, the third largest pharmaceutical company, begins development of a new state-of-the-art campus on the property known as "The Triangle" at the intersection of Route 141 and U.S. Route 202. Construction is anticipated to begin in June 2000.

In addition to the necessary transportation improvements, the State of Delaware will design and preserve 222 acres surrounding "The Triangle" property to be developed as recreational and open space. This new open space will provide a connection between the Northern Delaware Greenway in Wilmington and the Greenway in Brandywine Hundred as well as trails and an "active" recreation area that will include multi-purpose fields for such sports as soccer and lacrosse.

"It is projected that by 2010 over 3,000 cars will travel the U.S. 202 Corridor during evening rush hour," said Darrell J. Minott, Director of the Delaware Economic Development Office and Chairman of the AstraZeneca - Blue Ball Project. " When they reach the intersection of Concord Pike and Foulk Road, under current conditions they will wait an average of 7 minutes at the Foulk and Concord light. It is obvious that improvements need to be made to the existing infrastructure and the Blue Ball Transportation Committee is doing just that."

The Blue Ball Transportation Committee has agreed that the following road improvements should be made:

  • The U.S. Route 202-Foulk intersection will be enhanced to include an underpass of Rockland and Foulk Roads at Route 202;
  • A new roadway should be constructed from the intersection of Route 141 and Childrens Drive, continuing behind the Ronald McDonald House paralleling Rockland Road to U.S. Route 202;
  • An additional exit lane from Interstate 95 south onto Concord Pike.

The Blue Ball Transportation Committee has set three principal guidelines to be used in the enhancement of the roads surrounding the AstraZeneca property. They are:

  1. No degradation of the existing intersections - the delay at each intersection should not increase. For example, cars stopped at the U.S. 202 and Murphy Road intersection currently experiences a 1 minute delay during morning rush hour. Under the new configuration, traffic cannot be delayed for longer than 1 minutes at the Concord Pike and Murphy intersection.
  2. Separation of through roads and local roads - Traffic will be directed away from Brandywine Hundred neighborhood roads.
  3. Allow as many movements as possible at all intersections.

Additional road alignment options still being considered include:

  • Developing a park road to connect Augustine Cut-Off (near the Augustine-202 intersection), through the new Blue Ball parkland to Rockland Road;
  • The status of Route 141 and Augustine Cut-Off;
  • Creation of additional park road connectors on both the west and east side of U.S. Route 202 just south of Rockland and Foulk Roads;
  • Relocating Weldin Road so that it will join Foulk Road further North of the existing intersection.

A decision on the new transportation plan and park design is expected in mid-January 2000.