Project Limits

The project was located in Kent County. A substantial part of the project was within the Town of Smyrna. The project limits were from the intersection of Sunnyside Road to the intersection of Wheatleys Pond Road.  The project included improvements to both Sunnyside and Wheatleys Pond roads at the intersections.

Project Need

Carter Road is narrow with no shoulders and minimal pedestrian facilities. The project was needed to improve vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle travel along the roadway.

Project Overview

The project consisted of reconstruction of Carter Road within the project limits. Improvements included the addition of 5 foot shoulders and curbing along the entire length of roadway, with sidewalks provided on one or both sides. A piped drainage system with stormwater management facilities was provided.  The improvements necessitated relocation of utility poles within the project limits.

Also included in the project were street lighting along the entire length of the road and a new signal at the Sunnyside Road intersection.

Project Schedule

The 4 million dollar contract was awarded to Adel Construction of Newark Delaware.

Utility relocations associated with the project are completed. Construction of the project began in the summer of 2012.

Anticipated Completion Date