Project Limits:

The project limits included the intersection and approaches of Cedar Grove Road and Postal Lane as it intersects with Plantation Road.

Project Need:

Postal Lane intersected Plantation Road approximately 150' north of the intersection of Plantation Road and Cedar Grove Road. This project realigns Cedar Grove Road and Postal Lane in order to create one intersection at this location. This realignment improves the geometry of the road at this location and increase safety. The project included separate left-turn, through, and right-turn lanes on each leg of the intersection, bicycle lanes, and sidewalks. Street lighting was added and a traffic signal installed to control the intersection.

Project Justification:

The past configuration of these two intersections presented a safety problem. There were a total of 23 accidents at this location during the period from July 2005 through July 2009 (no fatalities). Realigning the intersection improved the roadway geometry, ultimately bringing it up to DelDOT standards, which makes the area safer for traffic. Adding bicycle lanes and sidewalks will also make the intersection safer for alternate modes of transportation.

Contractor and Cost:

Contractor: A-Del Construction Company, Inc.
Cost: $3,283,503.67

Construction Schedule:

Began in December 2014

Completed Summer 2015

(Reviewed and Updated on 3/2/2016)