Project Limits:

On SR 141 between Kirkwood Highway and Faulkland Road. Also 1000' on either side of SR 141 on Faulkland Road

Project Need:

The section of 141 is within the Department's Highway Safety Improvement Program with a history of a high number of accidents. This area of 141 is also highly congested.

Brief Description or Project Overview:

Planned improvements include conversion of the existing four-lane arterial (without shoulders) to a four-lane divided arterial with an 18 foot raised median; two 24-foot roadways; 11-foot shoulders; a five foot sidewalk on the west side of 141 and a ten foot wide bicycle/pedestrian path on the east side; stormwater management; and landscaping.

Actual Completion Dates:

Roadway improvements - November 9, 2010
Landscaping - April 30, 2013