Project Limits:

This safety study analyzed the section of DE Route 52 (Kennett Pike) from the intersection with Center Meeting Road, through the Village of Centreville to the intersection with Snuff Mill Road.

Project Need:

This safety study was conducted at the request of the Centreville Civic Association in order to develop improvements that would work to address several traffic safety issues including sign clutter, speeding, pedestrian safety, crosswalks and intersection sight distance among other concerns from the community. As part of the study, DelDOT reviewed crash history, vehicular speeds, signing, pavement markings, intersection sight distances, pedestrian access, and other traffic safety-related issues along Kennett Pike through the Village of Centreville. Results of the study were presented to the Civic Association in December 2013 at which time it was determined to focus on a phased approach to implementing safety improvements within the Village. The phased approach included reducing sign clutter, installing speed reduction pavement markings, installing a traffic signal at the intersection of DE Route 52 and Twaddell Mill Road/Owls Nest Road and additional crosswalks installed at key locations within the Village. DelDOT presented the results of the safety study and these four key improvements at the Centreville Civic Association Annual Meeting in April 2014 in order to determine if the general Village residents and business owners supported these improvements. Based on the vote that was conducted at that meeting, it was determined to pursue the four improvements. In order to gauge further public support for or opposition to a traffic signal, a public workshop was held in September 2014 during which the majority of attendees came out in support of a traffic signal with a few individuals opposing DelDOT’s recommendations..

Project Overview:

As recommended through the safety study, DelDOT pursued the design and installation of a traffic signal at the intersection of DE Route 52 (Kennett Pike) and Owls Nest Road/Twaddell Mill Road in the Village of Centreville. Due to the ongoing pattern of angle crashes, the lack of available sight distance approaching Kennett Pike from the side streets, and inadequate gaps in traffic for side street traffic to turn, a traffic signal was recommended as part of a comprehensive traffic safety study for the Kennett Pike corridor through Centreville.

Current Project Schedule:

Anticipated Start Date:

Construction started January 2016

Anticipated Completion Date:

Completed February 2016

(Reviewed and updated on 2/2/2017)