Project Area:

Kirkwood Highway (SR 2) to the north, Limestone Road (SR 7) and SR 1 to the east, SR 273 and Old Baltimore Pike to the south, and Salem Church Road and Red Mill Road to the west.

Project Description:

In 1995, in response to increasing area wide intersection congestion, DelDOT, New Castle County, and WILCO began a study of the Churchmans Crossing area - not only to get a better understanding of the existing congestion levels, but also to forecast future congestion levels and develop recommendations to help alleviate the anticipated increased congestion. The purpose of the Churchmans Crossing Study was to develop a transportation / land use plan to achieve the following three goals:

  • Enhance the area's quality of life
  • Plan for sustainable growth and development
  • Provide an opportunity for transportation choices

The comprehensive study included traffic counts to determine intersection levels of service (LOS), tabulating proposed non-residential development to forecast increased traffic generation, evaluating existing transit options and facilities, and taking an inventory of pedestrian and bicycle facilities. Recommendations were developed regarding land use, improved intersections, new roadway connections, new pedestrian / bicycle facilities, increased transit options, improved transit facilities, and expanded Travel Demand Management measures.

In April of 1997, the Churchmans Crossing Study document was published, providing a summary of the Churchmans Crossing Infrastructure Investment Study findings and recommendations, which were guided by the following principles:

  • Maintain a desirable quality of life for area residents while effectively meeting the transportation needs and accommodating approved / committed development.
  • Closely monitor congestion levels.
  • Intersection / roadway connection improvements are to be implemented to address safety concerns or to avoid an unacceptable level of service, and will not be constructed prior to their need.

Since the 1997 Study release, many transit, intersection, roadway, pedestrian, and bicycle projects have been planned, designed, and constructed in the Churchmans Crossing area. The program components have been monitored and analyzed annually to determine the timing of further improvement triggers.