Project Limits:

The project limits were along Philadelphia Pike (US13) corridor, from Rolling Road to Darley Road in the community of Claymont.

Project Need:

The improvements that were proposed were part of an effort to facilitate transportation improvements related to the redevelopment of the Claymont area.

Project Overview:

In 2001 the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) Highway Safety Improvement Program identified the intersection of Harvey Road and Philadelphia Pike in Claymont for safety improvements. During that same time, the community was at the beginning stages of developing a master plan to create economic development opportunities within the community and restore its small town neighborhood atmosphere. This effort is known as the Claymont Renaissance and was undertaken by the Claymont Coalition. At the request of the Claymont Coalition, the Department developed a transportation plan to not only address safety issues along Philadelphia Pike but to support and enhance the Claymont Renaissance. As a result of these efforts the 2003 Claymont Transportation Plan was developed.

In 2004 the Claymont Community Redevelopment Plan created a comprehensive vision for the community and established the vision for the Hometown Overlay District (as set out in the 2002 New Castle County Comprehensive Plan Update). The redevelopment of the Brookview neighborhood was an early outcome of the plan. In addition a Manual of Design Guidelines was developed to provide the standards for new development concerning lighting, landscaping, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, parking and transit stops.

Proposed Improvements

Between Harvey Road and Governor Printz Boulevard: Two 11 foot wide travel lanes with a 12 foot wide continuous two way left turn lane. A 5 foot wide bike lane was added on both sides and the existing shoulder/parking lane remain. The proposed improvements were contained within the existing roadway footprint.

Between Governor Printz Boulevard and Darley Road: Four 10 foot wide travel lanes with the addition of left turn lanes at Manor Avenue and Darley Avenue. A 5 foot wide bike lane was added on both sides. Shoulder/parking lanes were included where feasible.

Project Timeline:

Project has been completed

Reviewed and updated on 2/18/2016