Project Limits:

This work occured along the portion of DE Route 41 that overlaps DE Route 2 (Kirkwood Highway) between the intersection with DE Route 41/DE Route 62 and the DE Route 141 Interchange - Project Map

Project Need:

The goal of this project was to simplify the state route designations along a short stretch of roadway where overlapping routes do not provide for clear route guidance and to reduce truck traffic along the DE Route 41 corridor in general. This project reduced sign clutter, improved route signage information and reduced sign maintenance costs.

Project Overview:

It is the experience of the Department of Transportation that most motorists do not realize that DE Route 41 overlaps with DE Route 2 (Kirkwood Highway) between the intersection with DE Route 41/DE Route 62 and the DE Route 141 interchange. Most residents and business owners do not refer to that portion of Kirkwood Highway as a portion of DE Route 41. In addition, truck traffic destined for Route 41 in Pennsylvania is traveling further out of its way to continue on DE Route 41 between DE Route 141 and the DE Route 2/41/62 intersection rather than continue north on DE Route 141 to DE Route 48 (Lancaster Pike).

Given that the route numbering in this area provides potentially confusing and misleading information, DelDOT is proposing to end DE Route 41 at the intersection of DE Route 2 and DE Route 41/DE Route 62 (see attached maps showing the existing and proposed routing configurations). The overlap of DE Route 2 and DE Route 41 would be eliminated and signage along DE Route 141 would also be modified to remove the DE Route 41 designation from the signs serving the DE Route 141/DE Route 2 interchange (see attached signing maps for proposed improvements).

Proposed Routing Map

Project Timeline:

Anticipated/Actual Start Date: Summer 2015

Anticipated/Actual Completion Date: Completed Mid-September 2015

(Reviewed and Updated on 02/18/2016)