Project Limits

Along Eastbound US 40, 350 feet west to 300 feet East of the intersection with Glasgow Avenue and also 400' south of the same intersection along Glasgow Avenue.

Project Need

This was identified in the 2011 Hazard Elimination Program (HEP) as site V. This project was designed to improve intersection safety and operation.

Project Overview

Project improvements include:

  • Improved safety at the intersection by installing protected only left-turn phasing.
  • Restriping Eastbound US 40 in order to install a dedicated left-turn lane for added capacity. The lane configuration is composed of 1 left-turn lane, 2 thru lanes, and 1 right-turn lane on Eastbound US 40 at the intersection with Glasgow Avenue.
  • Installed a channelizing island on Northbound Glasgow Avenue in order to discourage driving onto the shoulder and creating 3 lanes on Eastbound US 40.
  • Widened Northbound Glasgow Avenue at the intersection with Eastbound US 40 in order to provide an additional through lane as well as a bike lane.

Project Timeline:

Design Phase: Design work completed in Spring 2014.

Construction Phase: Construction completed Fall 2016.

(Reviewed and Updated 2/1/2017)