Project Limits:

The proposed safety improvements are located along Greenbank Road from 0.07-mile west of Albertson Boulevard to 0.11-mile west of Centerville Road.

Project Need:

This project was identified in the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) due to high crash rates. The majority of crashes at Greenbank Road and Albertson Boulevard were rear-end crashes related to the absence of a dedicated left-turn lane. Accommodations for pedestrian, bicycle and transit facilities are also not up to current safety standards.

Project Description:

Proposed improvements include modifying the lane configuration on the westbound Greenbank Road approach to Albertson Boulevard to provide a separate left-turn lane and a shared through/right-turn lane, lengthening the right-turn lane on eastbound Greenbank Road at Albertson Boulevard and improving pedestrian and bicycle safety with crosswalks, sidewalks, bus stops and bicycle lanes.

Anticipated/Actual Start Date

July 2011

Anticipated/Actual Completion Date

November 2011

Current Construction Schedule

Construction has been completed.

Contractor & Cost

Grassbusters Landscaping Company was awarded the contract. The contractor submitted a bid of $723,294.00.

Next Meeting Date or List of Scheduled Meetings

A Public Workshop was held on July 13, 2010. Displays presented at the workshop are found here. No new meetings are scheduled at this time.