Project Name

HSIP NCC SR 52 & SR 82 Intersection Improvements

Project Limits

  • About 800 feet North of the intersection along SR52.
  • About 1100 feet South of the intersection (not passing Sunnyside Rd) along SR52.
  • About 600 feet East of the intersection (Up to Brookmeadow Rd) along Kirk Road.
  • About 400 feet West of the intersection along SR 82/Campbell Road.

Project Need

This intersection was placed in the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) due to the high rate of accidents as compared to other sites throughout the State. Over a four-year study period January 2004 - September 2008 a total of 73 accidents were reported.

Project Overview

This safety improvement project required milling, overlaying and restriping the northbound and southbound SR 52 approaches to the SR 82/Campbell Road/Kirk Road intersection to provide a separate left-turn lane and a shared through/right turn lane. This design was recommended by the stakeholder group and through public workshops. This required reconstructing SR 52 shoulders and SR 82/Campbell Road/Kirk Road pavement edge. To be consistent with the scenic byway vision for SR 52 the pavement footprint has been reduced by removing unnecessary pavement and replacing part of the pavement shoulder with reinforced grass shoulders. This project also supports multi-modal transportation, bike lanes, bus stops and crosswalks.

Project Schedule

Construction Start: Spring 2013
Construction Completion: Completed 2014

(Reviewed and Updated on 12/23/2015)