South Governors Avenue

Artist's rendition of the Puncheon Run Bridge

"Artist's rendition of the Puncheon Run Bridge"

Project Limits:

South Governor's Avenue, between Water Street and Webb's Lane

Project Need:

The top priorities for the South Governors Avenue Project include providing safer turns, improved access to businesses and residential properties, and supply better drainage in an area known for flooding.


Roadway improvements include a 14-foot, two-way, center-turn lane; one 11-foot travel lane in each direction; a 5-foot shoulder in each direction; curbing on both sides of the road; a 3-foot grass strip between the road and sidewalk, a 5-foot sidewalk on each side of the road; and drainage improvements.

Flooding along the Puncheon Run between South Governors Avenue and New Burton Road has been a concern for years. Although completely eliminating all flooding in this area is not feasible, DelDOT is committed to improving the conditions at the south Governors Avenue crossing over Puncheon Run. In an effort to alleviate the problems to the extent possible, DelDOT will replace the existing box culvert with a single span bridge measuring 30' wide. The new structure, along with slightly raising the roadway at the approaches as it crosses Puncheon Run, will substantially improve flooding problems in the area.

Because of the complex nature of this project, it will be broken down into two distinct phases of work. Phase 1 will consist of improvements between Webb's Lane and Wyoming Avenue. The Puncheon Run bridge replacement will be this phase's significant impact. When the project starts this spring the bridge will be fully closed. No traffic will be able to cross it until the replacement is completed. Detours around the area will be clearly marked with lighted message boards at points north and south of the bridge closure point. Once that is done the second phase of the project, between Wyoming Avenue and Water Street, will begin. The second phase-area will have no impacts until after phase 1 is finished.

Despite the fact that access to all local homes and businesses will remain open during the work, the project will certainly cause significant travel disruption, and involve impacts to business and residential properties along the route. DelDOT has implemented a significant public-outreach effort to help alert and inform motorists and residents of the anticipated effect of this work.


Anticipated Start Date:  Late Spring 2008

Anticipated Completion Date:  Winter, 2010