Project Name

Kirkwood Highway and Upper Pike Creek Road/Old Harmony Road Intersection Improvements

Project Limits

Kirkwood Highway from Harmony Road to Green Valley Circle

Project Need

The intersection of Kirkwood Highway and Upper Pike Creek Road/Old Harmony Road was recommended for improvements in the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). Limited sight distance for left-turning vehicles is causing high crash rates at this intersection.

Project Overview

In order to address the safety issues at this intersection, we are proposing to close the median and provide left-turn access to Upper Pike Creek Road and Old Harmony Road through u-turns at the signalized intersections of Green Valley Circle and Harmony Road.

Project Schedule

Anticipated/Actual Start Date

April 2011

Anticipated/Actual Completion Date

July 2011

Current Construction Schedule

We anticipate that construction will begin in the spring of 2010 and will take four months to complete.

Contractor & Cost

The project was awarded to A-Del Construction.  A-Del submitted a bid of $449,648.15

Construction Details


Detailed Description

The proposed improvements include closing the median on Kirkwood Highway at Upper Pike Creek Road/Old Harmony Road, lengthening the left-turn lanes at Harmony Road and Green Valley Circle, and modifying the signal timing.