Project Name:

HSIP Sussex County, US 113 Intersection Improvements Project
Contract # T200800902

Project Area:

The project includes proposed improvements to the following intersections:

In the Millsboro area

  • US 113 @ Dagsboro Road / Handy Road
  • US 113 @ Hardscrabble Road / Betts Pond Road
  • US 113 @ Sheep Pen Road / Patriots Way

North of Ellendale

  • US 113 at Staytonville Road / Fleatown Road

More specifically, the proposed improvements will include:

Project Overview:

These intersections have historically experienced high rates of accidents and as a result, were included as part of the Department's Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The intersection improvements included (but are not limited to) median channelization and/or median closures to restrict certain movements to address safety and operational concerns at each intersection. The safety projects minimized conflicts at the intersection while accommodating the heaviest turning movements and diverting traffic volumes to nearby intersections. This project identified and addressed safety and operational improvements at each intersection.

The Preliminary Design for each intersection was presented to the public at a Workshop on June 21, 2010.

Contractor and Cost

Contractor: Allan Myers

Cost: $4,298,307.14

Project Schedule:

Actual Start Date – December 1, 2014
Actual Substantial Completion Date – July 8, 2016

(Reviewed and Updated on 1/25/2017)