Project Limits:

This project was located at the intersection of US 113 and Ennis Road/North Street in the Town of Georgetown. The limits extended 300 feet to the north and south on US 113 and approximately 150 feet on the approaches of Ennis Road and North Street.

Project Need:

This intersection was identified in the 2012 Hazard Elimination Program due to the crash history at this location. Channelizing the median movements into left turns only will reduce the number of crashes at this intersection.

Project Overview

This project constructed median channelization that allows only northbound and southbound left turns through the median. It now accommodates the heaviest turning movements without creating a stop condition on US 113.

Project Schedule:

Construction start date: May 20, 2016

Actual Substantial Completion Date - July 12, 2016

(Reviewed and Updated on 1/25/2017)